Postman and the light bulb

Deep in Zanskar, there is a village called Marling. Only a native or a true wanderer reaches this far into the mountains.  It takes 20 hours by a vehicle and then 6 hours on foot to reach Marling. That is for the summer season. In the winter season, you have to walk on the frozen...
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Destination building

In the past decades, the world became aware of the consequences of its activities and decided that sustainability should be at its core in the coming years. The narrative was set and the rules were laid. ‘One should always make sustainable choices.’ ‘Respect the local community and culture.’ ‘Be a responsible traveler’ ‘Live like local’...
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Shared economy for new normal

How would have the concept of hosting strangers in your house or staying with an unknown family on a vacation sounded a decade back? Hardly anyone would have been comfortable with such a concept.  But we have seen people getting comfortable with staying in homestays, using Uber, sharing office spaces, and using many such peer-to-peer...
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Future of Homestays

Most of us had a travel bucket list at the start of this calendar year and suddenly we find ourselves confined to the four walls of our homes. The Covid-19 crisis has been a black swan event for the travel and tourism industry. World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates a loss of 50 to...
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Unexplored Nubra

Ladakh, The land of high passes. Once a trekking destination for the West but as the gates opened up and development came in, Ladakh has now become a planned travel destination for everyone. Every year hundreds and thousands of the tourists visit Ladakh but how many can claim to touch its soul? For the majority...
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Astropreneur Dorje

This is a story of unusual grit and passion. A story of a young man, Tsewang Dorje, who chose to stay in his village after completing his graduation. With only a primary school in his village, located near the world-famous Pangong Tso (Lake), Dorje had to literally earn his education. Development still hadn’t reached the...
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