Lost in the Land of High Passes

Tashiya de Mel, July 2019 Otherworldly landscapes of arid mountains and jagged rock formations enfold the mystical land of high passes. At altitudes above 3,500 meters (11,480 feet ), picture-perfect gompas dramatically crown rocky outcrops next to fluttering prayer flags. Against a backdrop of sublime mountainscapes and whitewashed stupas there is an unparalleled wilderness and...
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Still holding the ground – Thetan Wangyal

Mountain Homestays had its first Apricot trail in August 2016 which took us to village Tsogsty. The village surprised us with it’s lush green apple and apricot farms but our discovery was this 65 year old copper artisan named Thetan Wangyal, one of the last few metal artisans left in Ladakh. Copper metalworking is an...
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