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Mountain Homestays helps in connecting remote mountain villages across the globe with the outer world and ensures their development through responsible and sustainable eco-tourism.


Apple Orchids Homestay


All around this beautiful village are apple, apricot and walnut farms.

Homestay in ancient Buddhist village


The 11th century old Sumda-Chun monastery is one of the oldest monastery of Ladakh.

Nomadic village near Pangong-Tso


Stay at the village offers you a unique experience of Changspa nomadic life.


The Copper Trail (6N/7D)

₹24000 Onwards

At the high altitude desert of Ladakh, there is an ancient art surviving only due to the efforts of a few native artisans.

Timeless Lingshed (6N/7D)

₹32000 Onwards

Lingshed is one of the remotest village in the Zanskar region in Ladakh.

A Buddhist Pilgrimage (6N/7D)

₹26000 Onwards

Take a deep dive into Ladakh’s culture and heritage as we take a tour to the most ancient monasteries of Ladakh.

"It's been an incredible experience to really be welcomed into a family and go about day to day life with them. It's that kind of hospitality you won't experience anywhere else" - Arabella James

"The homestay at Urbis was with such a lovely warm hearted family. They took good care of every little detail and treated me like family" - Preeti Jain

"The best journey to Himalayas was with Mountain Homestays with the highlight of making our own custom souvenir with help from a local copper artisan" - Ninad Dalvi

"The homestay experience is something I would suggest everyone to try atleast once. It is a perfect way to truly get the local experience." - Adhitya Sundarajan


World Travel and Tourism Council announced Global Himalayan Expedition and Mountain Homestays as Winners Community Award in 2018. The sustainable initiative was recognized for keeping community at the heart of it's impact tourism model, ensuring empowerment of locals, benefitting them from the tourism activities and actively engaging in preservation of their cultural heritage.

WTFL 2017 - Innovation Award

Global Himalayan Expedition and Mountain Homestays were awarded Winners in the start-up innovation award category at World Tourism Forum Lucernce - 2017, for its focus towards providing clean energy, digital education and wireless connectivity access to remote Himalayan communities through impact tourism.