The high altitude and dry climate of Ladakh result in wonderful night skies where you can identify numerous stellar objects. This makes it a region perfect for astro-tourism. Mountain Homestays identified this clear night sky as a resource available to the locals that has a huge potential for creating opportunities for livelihood.

Mountain Homestays has created Astrostays in various villages of Ladakh by installing high-end sophisticated telescopes. The local women running these homestays are not just trained in hospitality but also in operating the telescopes and reading the night sky.

The village communities have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this new development and have already started attracting tourists with their knowledge of the stellar objects and constellations. The local folklore about the stars and planets also play an important part in the traveller experience of astro-tourism.

The long term impact of this new development is immense. Apart from the additional income for village women and community, looking at the night sky opens up the minds and increase their appetite for science. Who knows the future astrophysicists are from Ladakh and they are taking their inspiration in these villages.

When you travel with to our Astrostays, you can also look forward to learning some bits of astronomy and look at the space objects, like rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter. You will also become an astronomer at the end. Also, do not forget to ask for an astro-souvenir at the homestay.

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